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Electronics and Communication Engineering

This branch of engineering develops everyday devices such as transistors, integrated circuits and printed circuit boards (PCBs) which can be used in computers, MP3 players, cell phones, television to name a few. In a nutshell, this branch of engineering deals with electronic devices and software interfaces.
The availability of affordable means of communication has been one of electronics’ greatest contributions to human society.
The telephone, radio, satellite communications, the internet, mobile phones – each new development has revolutionised the way we live and the way we think about our world.
New technologies continuously emerge, with 4G mobile phones offering the possibility of real-time high quality video.
DSL and broadband wireless systems provide many times the capacity of modems bringing increased amounts of information into our homes.
Other examples include advanced wavelength-division multiplexing schemes, promising vast reductions in the cost of long-distance data transmission.
Soon fourth generation systems will unify all these technologies and users will be able to receive and transmit anything, at anytime, from anywhere.


Department Gallery

Important Subjects

  • Analog Electronic Circuits & Solid State Device
  • Circuit Theory & Networks
  • EM Theory & Transmission Lines
  • Digital Electronic & Intrgrated Circuits
  • Analog & Digital Communications
  • Microprocessors & Microcontroller
  • Control System
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Antenna Theory & Propagation
  • Information Theory & Coding
  • Wireless Communication & Network
  • RF & Microwave Engineering
  • Optical Communication & N/W
  • Radar Engineering
  • Embedded Systems

Important Laboratories

  • Analog Electronic Circuits & Solid State Device laboratory
  • Circuit Theory & Networks laboratory
  • EM Theory & Transmission Lines laboratory
  • Digital Electronic & Intrgrated Circuits laboratory
  • Communication System laboratory
  • Microprocessors Computer Architechture laboratory
  • Simulation laboratory (Control System &Digital Signal Processing )
  • Antenna laboratory
  • Wireless Communication & Network laboratory
  • Microelectronics & VLSI laborator
  • RF & Microwave laboratory
  • Optical Communication & N/W laboratory

Future Scope

Below are the various positions the ECE offers in the industry (and this is no way eshaustive)
Telecommunication & IT industries, Power Electronics Industries, Petroleum and Chemical Industry, Systems Management, Manufacture of Electronic Devices and Systems, Software Engineering/IT, Hardware Manufacturing, Electronics Circuit Design & Signal Processing, Wireless & Optical Communication, Robotics Embedded Systems & VLSI, Nanotechnology, Defense, Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Organization, Mobile Manufacturing Companies



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