• Why Engineering?

    There will always be a demand for skilled engineers in many different fields for 500 years. As society develops and improves, engineers are called upon to make these changes to create a better, sustainable world to live in.

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  • Why JEMC?

    Greater infrastructure
    Pool of quality faculties
    Well furnished laboratories with all facilities
    Digital library for e-learning
    Industrial training
    Pre placement grooming
    100% placement assistance

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  • Career with Us

    Shaping your dream career needs dedication, hard work and support. We are there for sure to support you in any way to help you shape your career. We are committed to the society to make the college as one the premier Institute in the region in terms of quality education.

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College Administration

This section contains important information about the JLD Engineering and Management College academic administration. The Academic Administrative Office deals with all academic matters concerning any students of the college. The Academic Administrative Offices on campus are here to serve the students, their families, and the campus community.
Collectively, the all members of administration body represent a wealth of professional experience and expertise. Individually, each shares an enduring respect and an abiding admiration for this institution.

College Administration Members

Name: Mr. Sushanta Das
Position: Secretary
Associate with: JIBS Education Trust
Name: Mr. Srinkhal Halder
Position: Director
Associate with: JLD Engineering and Management College
Name: Dr. Chandan Datta
Position: Principal
Associate with: JLD Engineering and Management College
Name: Mr. Souvik Roy
Position: Officer-In-Charge
Associate with: JLD Engineering and Management College



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